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Patient Estimates


The estimate for Bayhealth Medical Center represents the approximate charges that Bayhealth Medical Center would bill for the services and an estimate of your out-of-pocket responsibility based on the information provided to us at the time of the request. If you entered insurance, this estimate is based on your in-network benefits and any referrals, authorizations, and medical necessity required by your insurance plan. It is your responsibility to confirm Bayhealth Medical Center is in-network with your plan and all necessary referrals, authorizations, and medical necessity have been acquired. If you are unsure if these have been obtained or met, please contact your physician's office. Please be aware that any additional charges (labs, biopsies, etc.) performed at the time of service may not be included in this estimate. These charges may vary, and this estimate is not a guarantee of the final billed amount. Additionally, Bayhealth Medical Center cannot guarantee coverage or payment by applicable insurance providers. This estimate does not include any unforeseen changes to your insurance coverage or benefits such as deductible, co-insurance, etc. Please contact your insurance provider directly for more information about your out-of-pocket obligations and to determine if this is a covered service under your benefit plan. If you have any questions regarding this estimate, if you are uninsured, or if you want to learn about programs we offer to assist with payments, please contact your estimate specialist at (302) 310-8001 or Again, this estimate is not a guarantee of the final billed amount. It is ONLY an estimate. Thank you for allowing Bayhealth Medical Center to serve you.

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